Delivering on the European Green Deal: How Can the Road Haulage Sector contribute?

Save the date for May 26 where the Common Office of FNTR, NLA and BGL invites to a webinar about decarbonisation of the road transport sector.

The Common Office of Common Office of FNTR, NLA and BGL are very pleased to invite to a webinar about decarbonisation of the road transport sector on May 26th 2021, 10:00 – 11:15.

The webinar will highlight the challenges and perspectives for European road hauliers in the green transition of the transport sector and will include input from the transport stakeholders and legislators.

Registration: send an email to Policy Assistant @Solvej Karlslund (


The green transition of the transport sector is a crucial and great challenge. But it will not happen by itself.

The entire haulage sector has for more than 20 years already worked hard to ensure safe and environmentally friendly transport by reducing air pollutant emissions as well as reducing fuel consumption. Our companies are committed to further lowering greenhouse gas emissions to fight global warming.

Our sector considers itself as a driver to emission-free and environmentally friendly transport. To achieve the ambitious climate targets, the logistics sector will optimise its processes to accelerate the efficiency of freight transport.

But the road to climate neutrality is long and complicated. It is therefore essential that policymakers also recognise the role of low carbon-based fuels in the short term. Transport companies are ready to take up energy-efficient zero-emission vehicles once these are market proved, ready for series production and available at competitive prices. To this end, we encourage legislators to take a pragmatic approach whereby appropriate economic incentives have to be introduced where necessary to fill the gap between solutions and market prices while ensuring fair competition across borders. What the road freight sector needs most now is planning and investment security to implement the green transition.

As the demand for freight transport in Europe is expected to grow substantially in the coming decades, it is essential to ensure EU policies that further incentivise the road transport sector to become a part of the solution in addressing climate change challenges. With this paper, we wish to put forward our recommendations on how road transport can contribute to achieving the aim of climate neutrality by 2050 set out in the EU Green Deal, as well as the new 2030 target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55%.

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