The Common Office calls for urgent actions to tackle the crisis in the road freight sector

The Common Office, that brings together in Brussels NLA, BGL, FNTR, calls for urgent actions to tackle the crisis in the road freight sector.

The price increase on oil has been drastic in 2022 and was accelerated by the war in Ukraine, with costs for companies going up dramatically in a very short time. The rapid increase of fuel prices makes it impossible for many companies to continue their business, as diesel costs easily add up to one third of the total transport costs. Many of them are facing bankruptcy as they are making financial losses with each transport.

Diesel indexation clauses in contracts work too slowly to reflect in real time the dramatic increases. Companies will recover extra costs only weeks or months later and will be pushed out of business meanwhile. This could seriously hamper the ability of the transport industry to keep ensuring the national and international supply chains of e.g. industry and food products.

Urgent action is therefore needed, as we are in a crisis that is hitting the sector much more violently than the past two difficult years during the Covid-19 pandemic or the financial crisis in 2008.

Florence Berthelot, FNTR General delegate: “with the energy crisis coming on top of already existing difficulties we are experiencing an inflation regarding costs that will then be reflected on the prices. This has, above all, to be supported by our governments so as not to add the risk of disruption of the supply chains to the current crisis.”

Erik Østergaard, NLA president, continues: “We encourage the Commission to allow for temporary relaxation of diesel duties within the remit of the Energy Taxation Directive. This would give the sector and our member companies some breathing space in coming weeks and months and help them to come through this very serious crisis.”

Prof. Dr. Dirk Engelhardt, BGL-CEO, concludes: “If no actions to help road hauliers are taken, we risk serious disruptions to European economies. The European Union must assure the energy supply and also help contribute with its initiatives to make the profession more attractive.”

The press release of the Common office can be downloaded from the link below.

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