About NLA

Who we are

The Nordic Logistics Association was established to ensure that the common interests and positions of its Nordic haulier associations are promoted in close dialogue with the EU institutions and transport stakeholders in Brussels.

NLA was founded in 2012 by Danish Transport and Logistics (DTL), the Norwegian Road Transport Association (NLF) and The Swedish Association of Road Transport Companies (SÅ) and work closely together with its associated member SKAL – the Finnish Transport and Logistics Association.

Our aim is to constructively forward the views of the members of the founding associations in the relevant EU decision making processes, and thereby improve the framework conditions for hauliers in the Nordic countries and beyond. This we do on behalf of around 15.000 operators and companies.

The Common Office

In 2019, NLA joined forces with our German and French sister associations from the Federal Association of Freight Transport, Logistics and Disposal, Germany (BGL) and the the French Road Haulage Association (FNTR) to set up a common office in Brussels.

Member organisations

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Norwegian Road Transport Association

Swedish Association of Road Transport Companies

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