Weights & Dimensions: Nordic flexibility must be kept

The Nordic Logistics Association (NLA) represents transport companies in the Nordic countries with a long-standing tradition and experience in driving with heavier and longer combinations.

For our member companies it is essential that the revision of the Weights and Dimensions Directive ensure that the flexibility to drive with high-capacity vehicles (HCV) between consenting countries is kept.

Driving with heavier and longer combinations is the most efficient way for commercial road transport to bring down fuel consumption and reduce emissions and the number of trucks on the road. HCV’s also contribute to the alleviation of Europe’s widespread driver shortage while making Europe’s roads safer by reducing the number of travelling vehicles.

However, the European Commission propose that cross border transport of higher weights and dimensions between consenting countries should take place within the framework of the European Modular System (EMS). This poses some critical limitations and would put a stop to existing and well-functioning cross border operations between consenting Member States in the Nordic countries.

Read NLA’s position paper where we outline the problem and our recommendations to solve the issue here: NLA position paper on revision of the Weigths and Dimensions Directive

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