NLA’s position on animal transports

This week NLA submitted its reply to the hearing by The European Food Authority (EFSA) on the welfare of animals during transport.

The hearing conducted by EFSA will function as an important contribution to the work by the European Commission in revising regulation 1/2005 on animal welfare.

In its response, NLA emphasised that mistreatment of animals during transport is completely unacceptable for everyone. It is detrimental to the many dedicated, compassionate and professional animal transporters in Europe who take pride in ensuring the welfare of animals during transport. NLA underlined that when malpractices occur it is a consequence of the fact that existing legislation has not been followed, and we are thus speaking of violation of existing rules. The importance of following existing rules should therefore be the starting point for everyone involved in the transport of animals.

The important division of responsibility was also highlighted. The transporter should be responsible for the loading and unloading of the animals as well as the condition of the vehicle and the education of the driver. However, the transporter should not be responsible for deciding whether the animal is fit for transport. The revised transport regulation should state clearly that it is the farmer, who has known the animals for the longest time and is the one deciding that they are fit for transport, who should be solely responsible for their fitness prior to transport.

Read our full response in the document below.

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