Women in transport - New EU platform

A new EU platform has been launched to put focus on and increase women's opportunities and employment in the transport sector.

On November 27, Commissioner for transport Violeta Bulc, European Economic and Social Committee president Georges Dassis, Chair of the TRAN Committee in the European Parliament Karima Delli and Kadri Simson, Estonian ministry of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure formally launched the new EU Platform for change for Women in Transport. The aim is to increase female employment and equal opportunities in the transport sector. The platform is open to any stakeholder committed to create actions towards a more equal transport sector for women. 

As of today, only 22% of transport workers are women. Commissioner Violeta Bulc commented that: "There is a huge potential for the sector to improve equal opportunities and I am excited that companies and organisations agree on this and are committing themselves to the increase of female employment. By engaging women and men together towards gender equality we will ensure that our societies will flourish at all levels.". 

During a brainstorming session with stakeholders at the conference, actions for more flexible shifts and better work life balance and actions to fight gender-based violence at the workplace was highlighted as very important points for the future actions for the platform. Transport companies and other stakeholders can exchange best practices and highlight their initiatives for gender equality. Work and actions will be based on cooperation, by having the members set the priorities together, share best practices and comment on each others commitments. The members  are encouraged to take actions to achieve the objective thought specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound actions. The European Commission will also attend meetings and share information about the work of the platform.

Several politicians as well as stakeholders signed a declaration during the conference, committing themselves to make actions towards equal opportunities for men and women in the transport sector. You can read more about the EU Platform for Change for Women in Transport here.