Transport Council Meeting June 10, 2013

Date: 06, October 2013
The Council reached a general approach on a recast of the 2008 directive on the interoperability of the EU rail system. The recast is designed to remove remaining administrative and technical barriers to the single railway market.

The general approach provides in particular for a new system for the authorisation of railway vehicles. Vehicles for use in more than one country will have to be authorised by the European Railway Agency (ERA), on the basis of assessments by national safety authorities. As regards authorisations for vehicles used in national traffic only, applicants may choose between the ERA or national authorities.

The new rules should make it possible to cut administrative costs, speed up administrative procedures and increase economies of scale for railway undertakings operating across the EU.

The Council also agreed general approaches on a number of other legislative proposals such as

  • two directives which are part of the "roadworthiness package", one of them on ad hoc technical roadside inspections of commercial vehicles, the other on vehicle registration documents
  • a revision of the 2003 directive on the reporting of occurrences that could endanger aviation safety
  • a revision of the 1998 directive on the rules applicable to marine equipment to be placed on EU ships.