Social Dimension in Road Transport in European Parliament

Date: 15, October 2015
The European Transport Workers Federation (ETF) had organised a meeting on the social dimension in the road transport sector on Tuesday October 12, 2015 in the European Parliament. Members of the Transport Committee in the European Parliament and other stakeholders, including NLA, participated to discuss in particular ETF’s ideas on better enforcement. Nordic Logistics Association share many of ETFs opinions according to social dimension in the road transport sector and fully support a concept for better enforcement.

ETF presented its clear policy on the social issues and dimensions in the transport industry in Europe. with a focus on no need for new laws or regulations. The existing laws at the EU- level are sufficient, but there is a need for definitions and better implementation of the already existing legislation. ETF has started a campaign for Fair Transport this September as an initiative to raise awareness of the need to improve working conditions for European transport workers. As a part of this campaign, ETF has 7 concrete proposals to the European Commission of which better enforcement is one.

The ETF informed the meeting that the ideas had been inspired by the first exchange of views between the ETF and The Commissioner for Transport Violeta Bulc. At this occasion she expressively stated her commitment to bring transport into the digital era and asked the ETF to come up with effective solutions to the challenges faced by the sector today. ETF has therefore made an idea for how information about the driver, the vehicle and the hauler can be based in a database that is available for all member states and the enforcement authorities at the European level.  The system is supposed to work like a checking system for the authorities, so they can compare the information they get when they carry out controls with the already existing information in the database.

The objective for improved enforcement is to fight social dumping and illegal cabotage and to promote fair competition in the transport industry.

Eduardo Chagas, ETF General Secretary said: “Today, Member States and key players in the road sector urge the European Commission to adopt effective EU-wide measures to address the real problems of the haulage transport. The ETF concept presents precisely that: a set of harmonised measures which can be adopted easily and without delay – no need for amendments in the existing law – to tackle unfair competition and social dumping. We hope that the European Commission will take this into account, and that the European Parliament will support the ETF in its effort to promote the enforcement proposals.”

The event is one in a series of activities meant to promote the ETF set of enforcement proposals. The ETF envisages various meetings with European Commission services and, in the near future, will seek to organise concrete actions involving the European Parliament and the Member States.