Swedish member turns 100 and looks to the future

Date: 05, May 2017
At its annual meeting on May 4, 2017 the Swedish member of NLA, Swedish Association of Road Transport Companies, celebrated its 100 years’ anniversary. The events of the day chronicled the extraordinary events in Sweden from the first initiatives in 1917 for gathering the road transport companies into one association to the challenges faced by the industry today.

The Swedish Association of Road Transport Companies (SÅ) started because the hauliers of the day were lobbying for more feed for their horse-drawn vehicles. Today we are focusing among other things on biofuels – or how to get more and better feed for the lorries. 

The event illustrated the strength of the Nordic cooperation in Nordic Logistics Association (NLA). In congratulating SÅ on its first 100 years, the sister Nordic associations from NLA expressed their gratitude and continued commitment for the cooperation with SÅ within the framework of NLA.

SÅ has indeed been a leading member in developing NLA from the first  bilateral cooperations between the Nordic associations to the creation of the joint Bruxelles based association NLA in 2012. This commitment was reflected in the celebrations of the anniversary.

“The engagement of SÅ in the Bruxelles scene is very important for SÅ and our members”, says CE Richard Gegö. “By cooperation with our sister organisations in the Nordics we are gaining a stronger voice and more influence in the EU – more than SÅ could ever achieve alone. It’s a natural extension of the history of SÅ – to expand and widen our cooperations.”

A concrete example of this close cooperaiont is the agreement between SÅ and  by the Norwegian Haulier’s Association, NLF, to offer Fair Transport also to members in Norway, being the first country to do so. The Norwegian hauliers will follow the same guidelines as the Swedish hauliers. The point of the Fair Transport initiative is that the operators agree to follow guidelines concerning safe and environmentally friendly driving and social responsibility for the working environment. They should also follow current laws and regulations and follow an ethical policy.

“We have developed a number of systems and programmes for our members regarding road safety, working conditions and the environment. Not all road transport buyers have taken these areas into consideration when buying transport operations. Fair Transport’s concept is therefore the next step where we can offer even more tools, not just for the hauliers but also for the buyers within the same concept”, says Geir A. Mo, CEO at NLF.

“NLA welcomes the strengthened cooperation between our members”, comments CEO of NLA, Søren Larsen. “The situations in the different countries create different challenges. But if the Nordic cooperation can provide a Nordic framework for further developing the ideals of fair transport, we welcome it!”, concludes Soren Larsen

What is Fair Transport?

Fair Transport makes the purchase of transport operations easier. The aim is to show sustainable transport operations by responsible hauliers thereby highlighting sound companies. An important objective is to boost the industry’s reputation, assist members in increasing their profit and to feel pride in their work through the values within Fair Transport.