Nordic and Polish truckers together in putting pressure on the EU

Date: 05, November 2015
A meeting between Nordic Logistics Association (NLA) and the Polish haulage organization ZMPD on October 26-27, 2015 showed large areas of agreements and shared interests between Nordic and Polish trucker. The two organizations met in Warsaw to exchange views and experiences on a number of issues such as cabotage, third country transport, combined transport, vans, posting Directive and national minimum wages.

"As well as NLA and ZMPD expressed the desire that there are clear rules for our members on the transport and labor markets in the EU. It is noteworthy that we can agree on this need when all things being equal, the market is in the favour of Polish operators for the moment. "says Managing Director of NLA Mr. Soren H. Larsen who participated in the meeting together with the President of the NLA Mr. Erik √ėstergaard.

Fair and equal conditions desired

The majority of Polish operators do not want a a market where there is a myriad of grey areas and unclear conditions because the vast amount of laws and regulations issued by the EU are too complex and providing legal loopholes for those who want to exploit the situation. Fair competition on the same terms is as much a fundamental desire of the Eastern Europeans as in the Western hauliers.

"It is clear that on some points views are divergent - it's only natural. But the meeting showed that on many issues we agree that the wild-west situation in the markets must be stopped at European level, and the technical solutions should have greater attention from the EU," continues Mr Soren H. Larsen. "Danish and Polish truckers are all experiencing a situation where EU rules as they are today, can not be handled by those who want to compete on fair and equal terms. And road transport is so central to the functioning of the Internal Market, that the EU must look  constructivly at how we can make the industry's framework more operational."

NLA and ZMPD agreed at the meeting on a joint declaration on the key points, and agreed to stay in close contact in the future. The declaration can be read here.