Date: 10, September 2019
Søren Hyldstrup Larsen, CEO of the Nordic Logistics Association has passed away. Søren Larsen turned 55.

Søren Hyldstrup Larsen, CEO of the Nordic Logistics Association has passed away. Søren Larsen turned 55.

Since January 2012, Søren Larsen was the CEO and unifying force for the organization that, more than anyone else in the history of the transport industry, has managed to bring together the Nordic transport organizations in a broad community of interests in relation to the EU.

With his huge network inside EU institutions, his great work capacity and knowledge and his diplomatic character and skills, Søren Larsen enjoyed wide recognition in both the European Commission and the European Parliament.

Chairman of the Nordic Logistics Association and CEO of DTL Erik Østergaard comments: - It is with shock and great sadness that we learned about Søren Larsen's premature passing away. Søren has had a tremendous impact on the road haulier’s influence in the EU, and with his discreet nature and ability to find solutions he has many times managed to turn the winds in the direction of our members. His sudden death is a huge loss for all of us in the NLA. Søren was also a good friend and colleague of all employees in the organizations. Our thoughts go to Søren’s partner and his other family, who must bear the premature loss of a loved and cared-for human being.

As Master of Science in Economics from the University of Copenhagen Søren H. Larsen came to the Ministry of Transport under the Nyrup government in the 90s. Here he reached the position of secretary to the Minister for the Ministers for Transport Jan Trøjborg and Bjørn Westh, before he became acquainted with Brussels and the EU as transport attaché of the Danish Government. He continued in the Permanent Representation of Denmark in Brussels for three years before, in 2001, he chose to continue his career as a lobbyist in a private public affairs agency in Brussels.

Søren Larsen came in contact shortly afterwards with the organization of the Danish hauliers Danish Transport and Logistics, which he knew from his time in the Ministry of Transport. Since 2002, he was the organisation's EU chief and spearhead in the day-to-day work of promoting the views of the Danish transport industry in the EU. Most recently, he achieved such close cooperation with the German and French haulage organizations that this year it resulted in an office community close to the European Parliament.

Søren Larsen was also chairman of the Danish DJØF members in Belgium and board member of the Belgian VL group. He was widely used as a lecturer at EPHEC Business School in Brussels.

Søren Larsen leaves behind his partner Eric Sohl with whom he loved to travel around the world.