In the picture: Soren Larsen (NLA), Isabelle Maitre (FNTR), Dirk Saile (BGL) Photographer: Alexander Louvet

Three transport associations enhance their cooperation on EU level

Date: 03, June 2019
Today, the leading road haulage associations from Sweden (SÅ), Norway (NFL) and Denmark (DTL) - through their joint association Nordic Logistic Association (NLA) – as well as from Germany (BGL) and from France (FNTR) have announced the signing of a lease to set up a common office in Brussels as from the 1st of August 2019.

"At a particularly challenging time for the European road transport industry, it is an added value to create a stronger cooperation between our associations. This has been the result of good and fruitful cooperation between us for already many years" said Prof. Dr. Dirk Engelhardt, CEO of BGL.

"Our aim is to advance the 3 Mobility Packages to help the sector to stay competitive in a socially fair transition towards clean energy and digitalisation" said Mr Erik Østergaard, President of Nordic Logistics Association (NLA) and CEO

"Together, we will on behalf of the many thousands hauliers we represent better communicate, better inform and bring our common messages to the European decision makers in order to improve the functioning of the road haulage market for the years to come" said Florence Berthelot, General Delegate of the Fédération Nationale des Transports Routiers (FNTR).

About BGL is the leading association of road haulage, logistics and disposal in Germany with 7.000 affiliated member companies.

About NLA is the joint Bruxelles representation of the leading road haulage associations in Sweden (Sveriges Åkeriföretag (SÅ)), Denmark (DTL-Danske Vognmænd), and Norway (Norges Lastebileier-forbund) in close cooperation with Finnish Transport and Logistics (SKAL). NLA represents 16.000 member companies.

About FNTR is the leading association of road haulage in France with 5.000 member companies.

For further information contact

Isabelle Maitre, FNTR, tel: +32 4 76 98 42 83

Dirk Saile, BGL, tel : +32 4 97 46 28 80

Soren Larsen, NLA, tel : +32 4 95 91 23 08