Meeting the Transport Committee of the Danish Parliament

Date: 11, April 2018
NLA had the pleasure to meet with members of the Transport Committee of the Danish Parliament, during their short, but very focused visit to Bruxelles on April 9-10, 2018. The discussion focused on the mobility package, in particular the issues of cabotage, cross trade transport and the use of posting of workers for road transport.

NLA had the opportunity for a long and thorough discussion with the members of the committee during a breakfast meeting where also Mr Ove Holm from the Danish member of NLA, Danish Transport and Logistics, and Mr Hans Graversen from the Danish trade union 3F participated.

The CEO of NLA, Mr Søren Larsen, stressed that for NLA (and DTL) it was important to send the signal of the importance of the social dialogue for road transport in the EU as part of the solution to the issues being discussed for the moment in the mobility packages. NLA and DTL were therefore happy to share the meeting with 3F, who also represented the European transport workers federation, ETF.

The meeting not least gave a good opportunity for 3F/ETF to present the ideas developed by 3F on how a lex specialis for applying the rules of posting of workers to road transport. The ideas developed focus on applying the rules of posting to any kind of combined transport, cabotage and what is called cross trade, when an operator from country A, transport commercially between countries B and C without passing country A.

Traditional bilateral international transport would however not be covered by the lex specialis.

The members of the committee showed great interest in the proposal and recognised that it has the characteristics of a compromise. Also DTL and NLA supported the proposal as an idea that should be explored as a compromise in the on-going discussions.

"For NLA it is important that we find harmonised, European solutions which fulfill fundamental parts of our positions", comments Soren Larsen. "The ideas on lex specialis are a step in that direction, but it needs to be seen in the context of the revision of the driving and rest time rules, including bans in the cabin and return home conditions; the improvement of rules on cabotage, including cooling-off period; improved rules on combined transport to prevent abuse of the rules and circumvention of cabotage restrictions; fight against letterbox companies; efficient and targeted controls carried out in both host and home country and in cooperation between relevant authorities."

"We were encouraged to see understanding in the Transport Committee for these positions and even support for them. It was also encouraging to see the detailed interest the members showed for the 3F/ETF ideas for the lex specialis for posting of workers in road transport."

For NLA the meeting completed a hattrick, since NLA has now met the transport committees of the Parliaments in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.