Willemijn Westerlaken, Soren Larsen, Elmer de Bruin

Meeting between NLA and TLN

Date: 17, January 2018
The board of NLA met January 17, 2018 with the President of TLN to discuss and update each other concerning the on-going negotiations of the mobility package in the EU.

They agreed it is important to continue to work for more fair conditions, a level playing field, and a common framework for access to the market respecting social conditions in the host countries.

The associations also discussed the importance of focusing on this challenge to further develop and modernize the road transport industry. They will work for European solutions ensuring same framework for all operators to improve the attractiveness of the industry.  

The associations agreed to further develop their close cooperation. The regular contacts and exchange of information will continue to be further deepened and joint initiatives will be taken in the coming months; a period which is very important for the negotiations of the mobility package.

Present at the meeting from TLN were President Arthur van Dijk, International Coordinator Elmer de Bruin, and Brussels Manager Willemijn Westerlaken

Present from NLA were Erik Østergaard, CEO of DTL (DK) and president of NLA, Geir A Mo, CEO of NLF (N), board member NLA, Rickard Gegö, CEO of SÅ (S) board member NLA, Iiro Lehtonen, CEO of SKAL (Fin), board member NLA, and Søren Larsen, CEO of NLA.