Joint letter on trucks and CO2 monitoring and reporting

Date: 11, October 2017
NLA is urging truck manufacturers to become willing to disclose data about their vehicles’ fuel efficiency, including aerodynamic performance, engine efficiency and rolling resistance. NLA is issuing a joint declaration together with road haulage associations from France, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, as well as CLECAT and DB Schenker France and the NGO Transport and Environment.

Disclosure of data is essential to provide more transparency in the sector and create competition and reliability, the signatories are saying in a joint letter to the EU climate and industry commissioners.

The EU Commission presented a proposal on monitoring and reporting truck fuel efficiency in May 2017 as part of the the Mobility Packge. The objective is to gather more information about CO2 emissions from HGVs, but NLA together with the other signatories have the opinion that the proposal should require that ‘conformity of production’ testing – to check the ability to produce a series of products to specification – is also reported, specifically where it impacts CO2.

The results should also be made public or accessible to third parties, the signatories said. Engine, axle and transmission efficiency, should also be reported to the European Commission while average values must be made publicly accessible, they added.

“It is in the interest of hauliers as well as truck manufacturers to make sure that the EU gets it right this time!. We want to know – as operators – the expected CO2 emissions and fuel consumption from a vehicle. And we want to be sure that the information is reliable!”, comments CEO of NLA, Soren Larsen. “As an industry we are facing huge challenges as concerns CO2 reductions. Some of these challenges are based on unrealistic expectations, others are in our interest too as operators. In any case it is important to make sure, that expectations, reality and result are matched! As operators we can only deliver what is possible, partly based on what the truck manufacturers give us in terms of vehicles. That’s why the proposal is not only good, but also in a common interest,” concludes Soren Larsen.

The joint letter can be read here. 

Note to editors:

The letter is signed by T&E, DB Schenker France, and eight national associations of hauliers/transport companies:

Asociación del Transporte Internacional por Carretera – ASTIC (Spain); Associação Nacional de Transportadores Públicos Rodoviários de Mercadorias – ANTRAM (Portugal); European Association for Forwarding, Transport, Logistics and Customs Services (CLECAT); Fédération Nationale des Transports Routiers – FNTR (France); Freight Transport Association – FTA (UK); Koninklijke Federatie van Belgische Transporteurs & Logistieke Dienstverleners – FEBETRA (Belgium); Nordic Logistics Association – NLA (Denmark, Norway, Sweden); and Transport and Logistics Netherlands – TLN (Netherlands).