Joint letter from leading road transport associations

Date: 04, June 2018
Seven leading road transport associations from Denmark, Norway, Sweden (united in NLA), Germany, France, Netherlands and Belgium have issued a joint letter this morning in the run-up to the important vote in the afternoon of June 4 in the TRAN Committee of the European Parliament on the Mobility Package.

The seven associations - DTL, NLF, SÅ united in NLA with BGL, FNTR, TLN and FEBETRA - in particular call for the application of the rules for posting of workers also for international transport, as well as cabotage and any kind of combined transport. The associations also reject further liberalization of cabotage rules – directly or indirectly – as long as no convergence of social conditions has been achieved. Cabotage must remain a temporary activity, the associations emphasise. You can read the letter here.

The TRAN Committee is voting on the social elements of the Mobility Package 1 proposals from the Commission from May 2017. This relates to the revision of the rules for access to the market and to the profession, driving and rest times and a lex specialis for application of posting of workers rules for road transport.

The vote this afternoon will be important, because no clear majority has emerged ahead of the vote. Despite the clear majority in the Employment Committee voting for the inclusion also of international transport in the posting rules some weeks ago, the members of the Transport Committee have found it difficult to find a real compromise. At the vote several compromises proposals will thus be presented, covering full inclusion or full exclusion of international transport.

“It is regrettable that the members of the Transport Committee have not been able to make a broad compromise accepting what seems to be the broad agreement elsewhere in Parliament and outside: that the posting rules need to apply somehow to international transport somehow,” comments CEO of NLA Soren Larsen. “The Commission made it clear in Parliament in the debate in May: The Commission will not accept that international transport is not included!. NLA will also not accept, that operators and drivers can operate between two other Member States without being subject to the posting rules.”

“NLA recognizes that the inclusion raises a number of practical issues that we need to deal with. For this reason we have also been engaged in the discussion on using the proposal from the Danish trade union 3F – Fair Mobility – as a solution. It will simplify the administration and clarify how to apply the rules. We still believe this can be a way forward in the negotiations,” comments Soren Larsen