French and Polish haulers share concerns

Date: 21, September 2015
At a meeting in Paris representatives from the French hauler association FNTR met with representatives from the Polish hauler association ZMPD to discuss the challenges facing European road haulage. The meeting resulted in more agreement than disagreement.

On September 7, 2015, the two associations - both the leading organisations for road haulers in the two countries - published a joint statement following their meeting in august 2015. The declaration is noteworthy as it has more points of agreement than of disagreement.

FNTR and ZMPD declare they will fight for a clarification of the rules in Europe as concerns issues that are causing problems for all haulers in Europe: cabotage, posting of workers, minimum wage in Germany, the French law on minimum wage for transport

Even though they agree that positions diverge on certain issues, the two associations agreed on the need to clarify the European rules for the functioning of the European road transport market. The national measures taken by some member states the last months require the European authorities to take a clear position on which rules are applicable for international road transport and for cabotage according to the two associations.

FNTR and ZMPD believe that the solution needs to be a European solution because road transport , a mobile and border crossing economic activity, is a vital sector for the entire European economy. They believe the road transport sector is able to offer to Bruxelles innovative solutions allowing for companies and employees to carry out their work in best possible conditions of fair competition.

In this context both parties find the creation of an EU system for highly mobile workers as an interesting option to further discuss.

Finally the two organisations agreed that no liberalisation can take place in a brutal way.The most appropriate approach is a step-by-step approach based on the necessary convergence of conditions for competition for road transport. This developement must take into account the situation of all road transport companies and jobs in all member states.

"NLA welcomes this approach by our French and Polish colleagues as a constructive way forward to solve the problems facing also Nordic haulers in the EU today. Any further liberalisation needs to await a better system that ensures fair competition and it needs to be at EU level", says CEO of NLA Soren H Larsen.