EU Commission President Focuses on Social Dumping

Date: 11, September 2015
During Tuesday’s annual State of the Union address by the President of the EU Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker touched upon the issue of social dumping. “We have to step up the work for a fair and truly pan-European labour market” Juncker said, and continued “Fairness in this context means promoting and safeguarding the free movement of citizens as a fundamental right of our Union, while avoiding cases of abuses and risks of social dumping”.

Juncker also spoke about a Europe in crisis. He emphasized the need of swift action with regards to the migration crisis, the euro crisis, Great Britain’s scepticism towards the EU, the situation in the Ukraine and the Russian threat, as well as climate change.

In relation to the euro crisis, Juncker announced that the Commission will work towards a common pan-European labour market with free movement across borders, while at the same time avoiding social dumping.

The CEO of Nordic Logistics Association, Soren H. Larsen, sees Juncker’s statement as a sign of that the worry of a deteriorating internal market has reached the Commission.  Despite other critical problems in Europe, the fear of further development of social dumping is evidently an important issue. “I have no doubts of that the president means that a functioning internal market is fundamental for the survival of the EU”.

On the same day as the speech was held, the EU-parliament voted on the mid-term review of the 2011 White Paper on transport. The review was voted in favour of, with a majority of 502 voting for and 158 against.

The NLA CEO is satisfied with the review, since it focuses on reaching legal clarity and improved implementation of regulation regarding work conditions, employee and welfare rights as well as wages and social responsibility:

“The EU-parliament wants to get rid of the practice that leads to unfair competition and encourages social dumping in the transport sector. One can say that, the EU is now fully focused on the problems of social dumping”, says Soren H. Larsen.

The report can be read here.