Don't hold us as hostages

Date: 01, April 2019
Eight European Transport Associations call for end to dead-lock on Mobility Package: Time to act Once again the European Parliament has had to postpone the vote on the three important files in the Mobility Package 1 on cabotage, driving and rest time and posting of workers.

Our associations, representing operators all over the EU, want to express our deep concern that a whole industry of the EU Internal Market is being held hostage by groups of MEPs who are clearly using the rules of procedures to delay or complicate the voting procedures.

The EU Internal Market for road transport needs new, harmonized rules to face todays challenges and demands. The European Parliament is jeopardizing this possibility. The likely outcome will be an even greater patchwork of national rules, which will increase the administrative burden and complicate cross border operations.

We urge you to work for a vote in the Parliament. This will allow the files to proceed into the new Parliament and negotiations with the Council, following the General Approach by Council from December 2018.

You can read the declaration here.