Mobility Package adopted: crucial step to ensure level playing field and fair transport for hauliers in Europe

The “Common Office” in Brussels of FNTR (France), BGL (Germany) and NLA (Nordics) warmly welcome the new legislation and look forward to ensuring swift implementation.

Today the European Parliament adopted the Mobility Package ending years of difficult negotiations. New rules will ensure a better level playing field, clear and uniform EU rules on posting of drivers, better enforcement of illegal practices and improved rules on drivers’ rest times.  

“This is a very positive day for European transport. This package will put a stop to letterbox companies, social dumping and systematic cabotage operations, which has been going on for too long. Drivers will now be working under orderly conditions, with mandatory weekly rest to be taken outside the driver cabin. And they will moreover be able to return home more often ensuring better work-life balance,” says Erik Østergaard (Chairman of NLA and CEO of DTL).

“This is the result of several years of hard work and I am happy that our three associations have made their contribution in fruitful cooperation with the European Commission, members of the European Parliament and our Member States,” says Florence Berthelot (CEO of FNTR)

“We are very pleased with today’s outcome and would like to thank the decisionmakers for their hard work during the past three years. The new legislation will have a significant and positive impact on the road haulage market. Now we have to focus on implementation and efficient compliance with the new regulation,” underlines Prof. Dirk Engelhardt (CEO of BGL).

About FNTR is the leading association of road haulage in France with 5.000 member companies.

About BGL is the leading association of road haulage, logistics and disposal in Germany with 7.000 affiliated member companies.

About NLA is the joint Brussels representation of the leading road haulage associations in the Nordics representing around 17.000 member companies in Sweden; Sveriges Åkeriföretag (SÅ), Denmark; Dansk Transport og Logistik (DTL), and Norway; Norges Lastebileier-Forbund (NLF) in close cooperation with its associated member Finnish Transport and Logistics (SKAL).

Isabelle Maître (FNTR) + 32 476 984 283
Dirk Saile (BGL) + 32 497 462 880
Torsten Laksafoss Holbek (NLA) +32 474 048 005

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