Joint position paper on the EU Green Deal

The Common Office publishes a joint position on how the road haulage sector can contribute to the European Green Deal.

The Common Office in Brussels of the Nordic Logistics Association (NLA), the German Road Haulage Association (BGL) and the French Road Haulage Association (FNTR) have today published their joint position on the European Green Deal. On the same occasion, the Common Office hosted a webinar with a panel debate including representatives from the European Commission, the European Parliament, the road haulage industry and the truck manufacturers.

As the demand for freight transport in Europe is expected to grow substantially in the coming decades, it is essential to ensure EU policies that further incentivise the road transport sector to become a part of the solution in addressing the challenges created by climate change. With this paper, we wish to put forward our recommendations to achieve the aim of climate neutrality by 2050 set out in the EU Green Deal, as well as the new 2030 target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55%.

Road haulage is key to EU transport policy as it accounts for 70% of the transported goods within the Union. Over the past 20 years, our road goods transport SMEs have already made important contributions to sustainability and they are committed to contributing to greening transport. But in order to achieve a green transition, the road transport sector needs:

  • Planning and investment security to implement and take up sustainable technologies.
  • Funding and economic support to fill the gap between current market prices and green solutions.
  • Availability of alternative fuels and development of the infrastructure.

Read the paper here.

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