Common Office: Green Transition will not happen overnight. Investment and planning security needed

This morning, the Common Office in Brussels of NLA, BGL and FNTR organised an online seminar to share its views on the European Green Deal and the contribution of road freight transport in the EU.

The 3 associations fully supported the ambition for the green transition and the ambitious EU climate goals but called for a realistic, pragmatic, and balanced approach. Indeed, the Common Office recalled that the transition will not happen overnight and therefore companies need investment and planning security to deliver on the European Green Deal.

On 26 May, a joint NLA, BGL, FNTR online seminar on the European Green Deal and road transport gathered over 75 participants from different European road haulage associations, companies, and EU decision-makers. Florence Berthelot (FNTR/Common Office), Johan Danielsson (Member of European Parliament, S&D), Daniel Mes (European Commission, cabinet Vice-president F. Timmermans) and Dr. Manfred Schuckert (Daimler AG) came together in a panel to discuss the challenges lying ahead.

The main message conveyed by all speakers was to build up a business case for the green transition that works for everybody. There was a general consensus that the transition will lead to higher costs.

The speakers moreover highlighted the importance of a clear roadmap including incentives for SMEs to put into practice the green transition. Besides the financial aspect, the panellists underlined the urgency and importance of building an infrastructure of alternative fuels for trucks. 

The webinar was an occasion to present the Common Office position paper on the EU Green Deal, which can be read here.


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NLA – Torsten Laksafoss Holbek: + 32 (0) 474 04 80 05

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