Labour Market

It is the opinion of the NLA that action needs to be taken on the EU-level to prevent further unsustainability in the labour market for transport. In recent years, we have seen a drastic increase in social dumping.

The process where foreign companies takes advantages of loopholes in the current regulation undermines the labour marked. It has forced a pressing on wages of drivers, which has led to a lowering of attractiveness of the occupation. This combined with an aging workforce offers a potentially severe shortage of drivers in the future. NLA strongly believes that immediate actions needs to happen to prevent a worsening of the situation. We need to be able to cope with future demand, which require an attractive sector, which can provide opportunities for both new and existing drivers. By increasing the enforcement on companies undermining the current labour market we increase the possibilities of sustainable long run solutions that benefits both employers and employees. Social dumping requires a firm and consistent response, including new legislation on EU-level. NLA believes this to be a top priority to ensure the future of the sector.