Deployment of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)

NLA accentuates the positive role of ITS-solutions in the development of sustainable urban logistics and mobility chains. It is NLAs opinion, that any coordinated action on ITS applications should focus on the deployment of solutions that already exist and have proven efficiency. It should not be used to initiate further basic R&D.

NLA supports the use and implementation of different tools, in areas such as traffic management, travel information and booking of loading bay. Prior to any implementation of ITS applications a careful analysis should be undertaken, in order to avoid any misinterpretation of the real needs of the market and consequences on road transport as a whole. NLA underlines the importance of securing interoperability and avoiding fragmentation in the deployment of technologies. ITS must be standardized and harmonized across and within Member States in order to improve the effectiveness and reliability of transport as a whole, and must be used on a voluntary basis.  The deployment should include a solid business case, proving to all stakeholders what benefits exist and display the costs involved, and they should include incentives in the business plan for take-up by the users.