Climate and Transport

On 22 January, 2014 the Commission has launched the 2030 framework for EU climate change and energy policies. The new package sets new climate and energy objectives for 2030 and concerns three key elements: greenhouse gas emissions reductions with a reduction target of 40% below 1990 levels, a renewable energy target of at least 27% of energy consumption above 1990 levels.

Energy efficiency being concerned as a key component of the 2030 framework, the Commission will return to this later this year, following its assessment of progress made towards meeting the 2020 target provided for in the Energy Efficiency Directive, to be concluded in 2014. Considering that the future of EU transport development should be based on alternative, sustainable fuels as an integrated part of a more holistic approach, the Commission has not proposed new targets for the transport sector after 2020 (10% renewable energy is the current target). The 2030 framework should be considered by the Council at its spring meeting on 20-21 March.