Brexit and Road haulage – Seven Federations call for the transition period to be extended

Given the uncertainty over the outcome of the negotiations on the future relationship between the UK and the EU, the road haulage companies we represent through our federations: FNTR (France) – BGL (Germany) – NLA (Nordics) – TLN (The Netherlands) – FEBETRA (Belgium) – ZMPD (Poland) – FinMobility (Finland) are very concerned.

We represent the interests of a sector made up of SMEs and in the run-up to Brexit, they need certainty and time to prepare. Additional costs will have to be taken into account in the companies’ budget.

The current crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic gives to our authorities a greater understanding of the key role of road haulage in the economy as a whole.

A “no deal” at the end of 2020 would have a strong negative impact on transport and logistics. Our businesses are already suffering the consequences of the coronavirus crisis which will then be followed by an unprecedent economic crisis.

That is why we call before the 1st of June and the beginning of the decisive 4th round of negotiations between the UK and the EU to extend the transition period. This time over a year or two years will be necessary to clearly establish the rules that will have to apply uniformly between the two parties.


Isabelle Maître (FNTR) + 32 476 984 283
Dirk Saile (BGL) + 32 497 462 880
Torsten Laksafoss Holbek (NLA) +32 474 048 005
Elmer De Bruin (TLN) + 31 6 233 64 131
Isabelle De Maegt (FEBETRA) + 32 2 421 51 75
Anna Brzezińska-Rybicka (ZMPD) + 48 22 536 10 04
Pasi Moisio (FinMobility) + 32 476 05 84 90

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