Annual meeting of NLA in Oslo

Date: 26 September, 2017

Now in its 6th year Nordic Logistics Association met for its annual meeting last week. This time the meeting was hosted by the Norwegian member, Norwegian Road Transport Association (NLF) at its offices in Oslo. The meeting was attended by the presidents and the CEOs of all the members and associated members of NLA, as well as relevant key members of staff. This gave the basis for a good, all-round discussion on technical as well as political level about the key issues facing Nordic road transport for the moment.

“The annual meeting is a good occasion to take stock of the Nordic cooperation – what we have done, where we are, and what we should do the following year. This year of course a lot of focus was on the Mobility Package as proposed by the Commission in May 2017. We evaluated if the proposals fulfilled our wishes. On some points they do, on others they don’t,” commented CEO of NLA, Soren H Larsen.

“What is important for us, is that what is adopted in the end will be practical solutions to practical problems facing the fair competition. And these solutions must create clear rules for what an operator, a vehicle and a driver from another EU country can do when operating in the Nordic countries in order to re-establish the fair competition between operators in the EU” explained Soren H Larsen.

In particular the meeting discussed how to deal with the proposals on applying the rules on posting of workers to road transport, the proposed 5 days for cabotage, the proposed revision on driving and rest time clarifying the ban on rest in the cabin and how we can ensure that enforcement does become better when using eCMR. NLA supports many parts of the proposal of the Commission, but is in particular concerned that in combination the proposals can lead to a de facto liberalization of cabotage.

“Our work in the coming months will be to make sure, that new loopholes are not created, and that the texts when adopted once and for all clearly define and limit what can be done as cabotage. If you want to do more transport, you are welcome to establish yourself and work under the same conditions as Nordic haulier. That’s fair competition”

NLA used the opportunity to also have a dialogue with representatives from the truck manufacturer Scandia concerning climate and the truck of the future, as well as with the insurance company If about the insurance market in the future for road transport operators. But most interestingly was the dialogue with Mr Terje Moe Gustavsen – Director General - Norwegian Public Roads Administration. Mr Gustavsan gave his views on the future for road transport in Norway as concerns tolling, weights and dimensions, enforcement and capacity on the roads. All huge challenges facing Norway, as well as other countries in Europe in order to accommodate the expected growth in road transport.

Next years annual meeting will be hosted by  SKAL – Finnish Transport and Logistics.