NLA board elects chairman

Date: 04 October, 2016

The board of NLA was elected at the annual meeting of NLA in Stockholm in September 2016. On the picture you see the four board members from left Mr Geir A Mo (NLF), Mr Erik Østergaard (DTL), Mr Iiro Lehtonen (SKAL), and on the far right Mr Rickard Gegö (SÅ). Next to Mr Gegö is Soren Larsen, CEO of NLA.

At its first board meeting on October 3, 2016 in Bruxelles, the NLA board elected its chairman. Mr Erik Østergaard was unanimously re-elected as chairman for the coming year.


Low-emission mobility – comments from Nordic Logistics Association

Date: 18 July, 2016

The European Commission is expected on July 20 to adopt a strategy for reduction of CO2 emissions from transport (land, sea, air). The work on the strategy has been under way for a while and NLA has been contributing in different ways through our active work in working groups at home ann in Bruxelles and in discussions with EU officials. And the effort seems to have paid off.

“The information I have received these days confirms that the Commission is taking a realistic rather than dogmatic approach to the issue of reducing CO2 from transport”, comments CEO of NLA Soren Larsen. ” “We agree on the analysis and the challenge: road transport – freight and passengers – need to continue to develop mobility with less emissions. Road freight transport has already reduced emissions of particles by more than 90%, making a truck considerable cleaner than a diesel passenger car. But we still need to improve on reduction of greenhouse gasses.”


Minimum wage laws in transport sector

Date: 12 July, 2016

On July 7, 2016, the European Parliament's plenary session held a debate on the application of minimum wage in the transport sector, a timely issue given the application of minimum wage laws in both Germany and France.