Alternative fuels for road transport

Date: 28 November, 2016

NLA is in favour of use of advanced bio-fuels, and will want to see that it is explored. To find solutions that are sustainable we will need innovation and new ideas and a supportive policy framework which makes it possible to explore new ideas. On the scoreboard for transport recently made by the Commission, the Nordic countries are high up on the list of use of alternative fuels in Europe. We need to build on this basis and continue to develop and expand the availability and use of bio-fuels. Read more about the options.



A week in EU Transport Policy

Date: 23 November, 2016

France and Germany have confirmed their joint fight – with others – against social dumping and in favour of a transport and logistics sector that continue to be attractive and interesting for young people, offering long careers. Neither they nor the Commissioner see a conflict between fighting social dumping and innovating the sector. In fact it goes hand in hand to make the industry sustainable in a financial, social and innovative manner. But both challenges need solutions for EUs transport and logistics industry to survive. That’s what last week showed us about EU transport policy.


NLA søker praktikant/NLA looking for intern

Date: 28 October, 2016

Nordic Logistics Association (NLA) søker praktikant til kontoret i Brussel fra primo februar 2017 til ultimo juli 2017, med mulighet til forlengelse. NLA tilbyder en spennende, dynamisk, uformell og internasjonal arbeidsplass med mange utfordringer og muligheter til å utfordre deg selv i en nasjonal og europeisk sammenheng. Det er mange forskjellige områder i EU som er viktige for transportnæringen. Utover transportpolitikk påvirkes transportnæringen også av politikken innenfor følgende områder: Miljø, sosiale forhold, arbeidsmarkedet, skatter, sikkerhet, statsstøtte og konkurranse, energi, etc. Du skal være i stand til å arbeide selvstendig og ta ansvar på disse områdene.


Reduction of CO2 from road transport

Date: 22 October, 2016

20 July, 2016 the European Commission (EC) presented the new legislative proposal for a Regulation on binding greenhouse gas emission reductions by Member States, for the period 2021-2030. These emission targets cover the sectors of the economy that are not part of the scope of the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS), which is transport, agricultural, building and waste management. These accounts for almost 60% of the total EU emissions.

The proposal from the EC follows up on the Effort Sharing decision from 2009, which established Member State targets in the non-ETS sector between 2012 and 2020. The proposal states this sector must reduce emission with 30% within the EU by 2030 compared to 2005 as contribution to the overall target. Each Member State got individual targets for cuts which vary from 0% to 40%.