Nine countries signed up to a “Road Alliance”

Date: 01 February, 2017

At the invitation of Alain Vidalies, the French Secretary of State for Transport, Sea and Fisheries, ministers from Germany, Belgium, Austria, Italy, Luxembourg, Denmark, Sweden and Norway met in Paris on Tuesday (January 31st) to jointly launch a “Road Alliance”. The nine signing countries will jointly cope with unfair competition based on social dumping in the road haulage sector.


Will we reach our climate ambitions for global CO2 reduction in the transport sector?

Date: 31 January, 2017

Despite changing behavior and important technological progresses, the CO2 emissions from transport could increase with 60% on a global level by 2050. For road transport, the CO2 emissions will probably double according to a study done by ITF (International Transport Forum). Today's measures and policies will not be enough in order to achieve our climate ambitions on a global scale.


Byways in Road Transport

Date: 25 January, 2017

Nordic Logistics Association and Nordic Transport Workers Federation had jointly organised the conference The Road Ahead on January 24 in Bruxelles, hosted by the MEPs Ole Christensen and Ismail Ertug.

The conference focused on how to ensure fair conditions and working conditions in road transport in the EU. The basis was a report made by the consultancy COWI under the initiative of DTL Danish Transport and Logistics and the trade union 3F Transport, with the cooperation of the Danish Working Environment Agency.


End of year statement from NLA

Date: 22 December, 2016

Its never good to reach your peak too early. Sportsmen and lobbyist share this knowledge. We will need a lot of strength and effort in the coming years for when the proposals from the Commission arrive and for the discussions between Member States and the European Parliament. But we have the strength and the resources to stay on peak. Once again the Nordic cooperation will show its true value. Four associations from the Nordic countries working together for the best results in Bruxelles can only be the best way to use our resources and to fight for our gains.