NLA asks for safer, cleaner vehicles now

Date: 31 January, 2014

In the coming months, the European Union has a once in a generation opportunity to radically change the design of lorries – and make them safer, cleaner and cheaper to run. The European Commission proposal to review the lorry dimensions rules opens the door for redesigned lorry cabs with a fuel-saving aerodynamic front and rear without reducing load capacity. Redesigned lorries would not only be cleaner and more comfortable for drivers, but also much safer, saving hundreds of lives every year.
These changes are good for the wider economy. Lower CO2 emissions translate into much-needed fuel savings and reduce our dependence on oil. Moreover, better safety means lives will be saved and insurance premiums for hauliers would potentially be lower. Safer, cleaner lorries are an opportunity that must not be missed.


Crime in Transport

Date: 10 June, 2013

Vi har ca 7800 medlemsföretag och vi har i flera år påtalat för polis, andra myndigheter samt berörda ministrar att konkurrensen är snedvriden. Tillståndet är att likna vid doping där seriösa företagare tvingas tävla motdem som struntar i reglerna.