Transport and Logistics Conference 2014 in Oslo

The annual Transport and Logistics conference was held Oct 20-21 near Oslo with participation by the Norwegian Road Haulers Organization (NLF) as well as Nordic Logistics Association (NLA). Among the main issues discussed at the conference was the desire of the Norwegian government to get more freight transport by sea and rail. However, this requires more effective solutions that promote so-called "seamless" coordination between rail, road and sea. Speakers emphasized that given that transport of goods will increase the coming years, transport modes should not compete against each other, but rather interact to create an effective system that will make Norway as a country more competitive. Efficient and sustainable intermodal modes of transport play a major role in achieving this.


Annual Meeting at Sveriges Åkeriföretag

At the annual meeting of the Swedish road transport companies the members had a thorough and engaged debate on the future of Swedish road transport. In situation of more tough competition and more complicated and complex business environement, the Swedish road hauliers looked forward.

A major initiative is the campaign for Fair Transport, where companies can subscribe to a commitment to run a company based on respect for climate, environment, social conditions and road safety. The transport buyers shall feel comfortable choosing a company committed to these objectives.

The meeting also discussed issues such as vocational training, high-capacity vehicles, road charging, road safety, control and enforcement.

Swedish road transport companies chose their board for the coming year. Mr Mikael Nilsson remains as President of the board.


Weights and Dimensions for Heavy Goods Vehicles

Date: 15 April, 2014

The European Parliament voted on April 15, 2014 the report on weights and dimensions for heavy goods vehicles at the Plenary in Strasbourg. The Plenary adopted the report from the transport committee with 604 in favour and 54 against. The report has been long under way and the Council still need to negotiate its position, which is expected for later this year.

The positive outcome of todays vote is that the movement of modular vehicles across the orders in the Nordic countries is not limited. The present practice can continue. This has been the objective of NLA to ensure political support for this necessary confirmation. The Commission will have to present a report in 2016 on such movements, so the discussion has not finished completely.


1-0 at halftime. The Commissions report on the internal market for road transport

Date: 14 April, 2014

The Commission today published its long waited report on the internal market for road transport, including cabotage. The expectations of the report – and the knowledge obtained about the contents of the report – were discussed at a meeting between the Nordic CEOs on Friday April 11.

”Seen from a Nordic perspective the report can only be seen as a score of 1-0 at halftime in our favour. The position of the Commission and Commissioner, vice-President Kallas has moved far the last couple of years. The main conclusion of todays report is the need for a balanced approach for changing todays rules for among other things cabotage in order to secure that the rules can work an be effective. The report also recognizes problems such as letter box companies and other illegal activity in connection with establishment of companies. And last but not least the Commission recognises the need for order as concerns the social conditions to ensure fair and equal conditions between road hauliers in the EU”, comments Søren H Larsen, NLA.