High-level meeting in Bruxelles

On Thursday February 12 the CEO iof Nordic Logistics Association met with the Norwegian minister for Transport Mr. Ketil Solvik-Olsen and his secretary of state Mr. Bård Hoksrud.

The Norwegian minister was in Bruxelles for discussions on his request for a system where Norwegian authorities can require special competences of drivers conducting HGVs in extreme weather conditions.

The meeting with NLA was a good occassion for an informal discussion on how the wishes of the minister and NLF/NLA can be promoted in Bruxelles and in the EU.


The Swedish association of road transport companies (SÅ) were visiting NLA

February 2-3 of 2015 NLA had visitors from the Swedish association of road transport companies – Sveriges Åkeriföretag. The visitors were from the training department and the legal department.

The visit was an opportunity to inform each other about our daily work in Sweden and in NLA and our work in the EU.

The group also met the IRU EU-office in Brussels and was given a presentation from Marc Billiet and Selina Glaap about IRUs main topics. Pasi Moisio from the Finnish association of road transport companies (SKAL) also met the group at the NLAs office to talk about the Finnish work on the training directive.


Nordic Logistics Association understands the decision in Germany on minimum wage

At its board meeting on January 26, 2015 in Bruxelles the board of Nordic Logistics Association (NLA) discussed social dumping in the road transport sector and the developments concerning the German minimum wage, which applies also for road transport. The board of NLA expresses its understanding for why Germany has felt the need to introduce a minimum wage, also for road transport.

The NLA board – as representative of more than 20.000 road hauliers in the Nordic countries – welcomes that member states take action to solve these problems. EU solutions could be preferred, but presently the Member States have to use the options available. The board recognises that systems such as minimum wage need to be done in a way that is not bureaucratic, inefficient or disproportional. The system also need to effectively rule out non-compliance. The German system can have faults on this front, but that is no reason to reject the overall objective of the exercise.


French law on social dumping - Weekly rest in the cabin

On November 19, 2014 the road transport social partners IRU and ETF met at the annual Sectoral Social Dialogue plenary meeting. One point on the agenda was a discussion with Mr. Gilles Savary, member of the French Parliament and co-author of the new laws in France against social dumping.