German minimum wage: The Commission is taking a careful step

The European Commission has today – after long period of consideration – taken a first step concerning the use of the German minimum wage for transport.

Soren Larsen, CEO of NLA, says: “The step taken by the Commission today brings a little bit of clarity on what is clearly a complicated issue. The use of a national minimum wage on all transport operations in your territory has never before been tested.NLA is concerned that road transport in the end will be treated differently than other sectors. Just because the workplaces for road transport are mobile should not mean, that fair and just working conditions cannot applied, as is the case for non-mobile working places”


Digital Single Marked Strategy for Road Transport

Date: 11 May, 2015

The long awaited Digital Single Marked (DSM) strategy was published at the 6th of May, by the Vice – President of the Commission Andrus Ansip and the Commissioner Günther Oettinger. It is an important strategy as it could contribute with 415 billion Euro to the European economy, boosting jobs, growth, competition, investment and innovation.

The DSM strategy is of particular relevance for road transport, as it includes a plan for standardisation of the digital technology in the field. It has been claimed for a long time that road – freight transport will gain from having well-functioning Intelligent Transport Planning (ITS) systems, that are integrated and communicate well with other actors along the distribution chain, such as ports facilities, traffic lights, parking spaces etc.


Support for minimum wage - also for road transport but some confusion among the MEPs on what applies where

Date: 26 March, 2015

The European Parliament had on the evening of Wednesday (25/3) a long debate on German minimum wage and road transport. The debate was based on a question to the Commission from the Employment Committee of the Parliament. Introducing the question, MEP Marita Ulvskog (Sweden, S&D) made it clear, that what is happening on the roads of the EU lacks dignity and respect for the people who are driving the trucks.