Focus Area

The main issues of concern for Nordic Logistics operators


United in the Nordic Logistics Association we support the Internal Market and the free movement of labour. But road transport distinguishes itself from other industries by ultimately being mobile. This creates situations where transport services are offered at prices, wages, social conditions, that national hauliers in our countries cannot compete with.The new rules on cabotage has brought these shortcomings to the surface and caused serious disturbances in our national road transport markets.


Roadworthiness for HGVs

Position of the Nordic Logistics Association on the proposal for regulations to update the existing Directives 2009/40 on periodic roadworthiness tests (COM(2012)380) and 2000/30 on roadside roadworthiness inspections (COM(2012)382) and 1999/37/EC on the registration documents for vehicles (COM(2012) 381).