Focus Area

The main issues of concern for Nordic Logistics operators

New Digital Tachograph

The European Parliament approved, on January 15 in Strasbourg, the text for a new generation of tachographs. One of the main characteristics of these devices is that they will be connected to a satellite positioning service, which will reduce manipulation, thus opportunities for fraud. However, the new devices will not be coming into use immediately. First, the Commission has to adopt technical specifications, which should be completed this year. From that point, the sector will have three years to adapt. Vehicles registered for the first time in around 2018 and following years will be concerned. Older vehicles may continue to operate with the current device initially, a period that may last up to 15 years.


Capacity Utilisation

Regeringen har uppdragit åt Transportstyrelsen, Trafikverket och Trafikanalys att i samverkan med VINNOVA analysera och föreslå åtgärder för minskad tomdragning och ökad fyllnadsgrad för godstransporter på väg och järnväg.


Climate and Transport

On 22 January, 2014 the Commission has launched the 2030 framework for EU climate change and energy policies. The new package sets new climate and energy objectives for 2030 and concerns three key elements: greenhouse gas emissions reductions with a reduction target of 40% below 1990 levels, a renewable energy target of at least 27% of energy consumption above 1990 levels.


Weights and Dimensions

By proposal COM(2013) 195 final of 15. april 2013 the Commission has presented a proposal for revision of the rules in Directive 96/53 on weights and dimensions for vehicles in international transport in the EU. NLA has the following comments. The overall principle for EU rules for weights and dimensions should be that when the infrastructure allows for it – including capacity, safety and wear and tear – vehicles with bigger dimensions and higher weights should be allowed for national and international transport even if between several Member States. For this reason NLA also welcomed the letter of June 13, 2012  from the Commission, by which it was finally clarified by the Commission, that the cross-border operation of a modular concept vehicle between Member states, who allow the modular concept, is also allowed according to the EU rules.