Focus Area

The main issues of concern for Nordic Logistics operators

Revision of EU vehicle safety rules

The number of road deaths has stagnated or even grown in some Member States since 2013. In order to reach the goal of a 50% reduction of road deaths by 2020, 8 transport ministers calls for support from the European Commission for better vehicle safety rules. According to the transport ministers, the huge potential of improvement in vehicle safety regulations and the strong support for European action should make the European Commission speed up the revisions and make it one of their top priorities.


Driver Shortage in the North?

Date: 09 May, 2016

Also the Scandinavian countries have a need for more truck drivers in the coming years. Both Norway, Denmark and Sweden have reported that more truck drivers are sought, and recruitment will be a key challenge moving forward. Finland however, seem to be experiencing a more balanced situation. 


Truck Platooning – How far can it go?

Date: 27 April, 2016

Autonomous trucks are quickly gaining attention in road transport, and is predicted by many to become an economic imperative. NLA finds the development positive and creates many new opportunities for developing the road transport industry and use research and innovation for the benefit also of even the smallest operator. But some issues still need resolving.

In freight transport, the technology of “Truck Platooning” could seem to solve shortage of driver, cause fewer accidents on roads and increase fuel efficiency. Essentially, truck platooning revolves around various control systems operating the trucks that drive in convoys while connected wirelessly (automated trucking). Though the technology differ from autonomous in that it still requires a driver in each truck, the driver can conduct other tasks meanwhile such as planning, communication etc, offering new opportunities for the constraints of driving and resting times as well.


HVO 100 - A Sustainable Solution for Transport?

Date: 14 March, 2016

HVO 100, also known as Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil, is gaining increased foothold as a sustainable fuel in transport. Several truck manufacturers have approved it for their engines, and more suppliers are looking into production schemes. With strong growth and an estimated of up to 80 - 90% reduction in emissions compared to traditional fossil fuels, NLA gives its view on the prospects of what we can expect in the future.