Creation of a joint lobby-organisation for land transport in Bruxelles

Danish Transport and Logistics, Norwegian Road Hauliers Association and Swedish Road Operators Association will in the future be one lobby organisation in Bruxelles. This decision has been taken to ensure high visibility and influence for the common interests and positions of the three associations in the EU –system.

The cooperation will take place in the framework of a joint organisation established under the name “Nordic Logistics Association” (NLA). NLA has been created as a separate organisation with its own board, consisting of one member per organisation. The board will define the strategic objectives, while the daily operations of NLA will be the responsibility of the managing director of NLA, the former Director of EU Affairs in DTL, Mr Søren Hyldstrup Larsen, and his staff.

Close cooperation between the staff in each of the national associations – DTL, NLF and SÅ – will be established to ensure close exchange of opinions, experiences and positions in order for the secretariat of NLA to establish, promote and defend the priorities and positions of NLA.


All in all the members of the founding associations will get more influence in the EU, which will contribute to the work of improving the framework conditions for transport operators in our countries. The creation of NLA is also a step to engage in a stronger dialogue and cooperation with land transport organisations from other countries in the rest of the EU. This will give the EU an opportunity to get better background information and assessment in the context of legislating in the EU. NLA will also continue the constructive and important cooperation that the three founding associations have had with the International Road Transport Union (IRU) in Bruxelles.

It is our opinion, that the daily work of our members must be based on fair and equal competition. NLA will challenge the unfair competition, which Danish, Norwegian and Swedish operators are facing despite the good intentions of an internal market, which is fair and equal for everybody. We question that full liberalisation is the way out of the present economic and financial crisis facing also the road transport industry. Focus on quality, compliance, road safety, health and safety and sustainability must also be in the center of attention.

To achieve these objectives you need road operators which can run reliable and sustainable companies. But it also requires acceptable framework conditions for operators in road transport, such as is the case for other modes of transport (railways, aviation and maritime).

Our daily, permanent and direct presence in Bruxelles through the NLA is decisive for ensuring that these Nordic positions are taken into considerations in the daily work with the Commission, Parliament and Council. When DTL, NLF and SÅ through NLA in the future can speak with one voice on behalf of more than 15.000 transport operators in the EU, we believe that the Nordic positions will be listened to.

NLA has already extended its cooperation to include Finland and the Finnish transport and logistics association SKAL through an affiliated membership. While SKAL has decided to focus on opening own representation in Bruxelles in association with other Finnish associations, the agreement between NLA and SKAL will lead to a joint and close corporation with mutual benefits for the 21.000 members of NLA and SKAL.


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Sveriges Åkeriföretag

The Swedish Association of Road Transport Companies is the trade organisation for the Swedish haulage industry. We work for a sound and profitable development of the haulage industry.

We monitor the haulage industry’s interests nationally and internationally.

We assist our member companies’ needs in business development, influence public opinion and are involved in lobbying activities.

Our aim is to boost the entire Swedish haulage industry, making it visible and raising the industry’s status.

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Dansk Transport og Logistik

DTL is an abbreviation for the Danish Transport and Logistics Association. DTL is a trade organisation consisting of 2,100 road hauliers and 59 locomotives, and represents the interests of its members when negotiating with politicians and authorities. DTL also offers expert advice to its members

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