Driver Shortage in the North?

Also the Scandinavian countries have a need for more truck drivers in the coming years. Both Norway, Denmark and Sweden have reported that more truck drivers are sought, and recruitment will be a key challenge moving forward. Finland however, seem to be experiencing a more balanced situation.  



Call for better, smarter, targeted enforcement

Improved enforcement for road freight transport is central in the on-going preparations for the revision of a number of EU rules for the market. Focus has been on better cooperation between national authorities, rules that are more enforceable and more effective, efficient and dissuasive controls and sanctions. A discussion on a different organisation of enforcement in the
EU has also been on the agenda, such as an EU agency.

“At todays event NLA had the opportunity to emphasise the importance of enforcement for fair competition in the EU,” commented CEO of NLA Soren Larsen. “Our message today was quite simply a demand for action. Many things can be done here and now – we do not have to wait for new rules or regulations. What we need is a commitment from the Member States that the rules must be followed, that they will be controlled and that sanctions will follow when you break the rules. The experience from Norway, where investments have been made in new, modern control equipment, shows how easily it can be done for the benefit of all the operators who are following the rules.”


Nordic agenda in the EU

”The road initiatives (from the Commission) will result in: improved energy efficiency, reduced CO2 emissions, more fairness, increased competitiveness, job creation, innovation and new investment opportunities,” is how Transport Commissioner Bulc announced the ambitions of the Commission and launched the road transport conference held on April 19 in Bruxelles. She continued by focusing on 4 key areas: a well-functioning internal market, protection of workers’ rights, climate and the environment and digital technologies.
”The conference showed that the concerns of Nordic haulers has been heard in Bruxelles. Our concerns and problems are the agenda of the Commission. The challenge now is to translate this into practical solutions that will make a difference. Our Nordic cooperation gives us a good start for this work”, comments Soren Larsen.


Event on better enforcement for road transport

Improved enforcement for road freight transport is central in the on-going preparations for the revision of a number of EU rules for the market. Focus has been on better cooperation between national authorities, rules that are more enforceable and more effective, efficient and dissuasive controls and sanctions.

Tuesday April 26, 2016 12:30 - 14:30 hrs
At the Renaissance Hotel, Rue du Parnasse 19, 1050 Bruxelles,


European Parliament against social dumping

The Transport and tourism committee of the European Parliament adopted on April 7 its opinion on social dumping in transport. The vote took place on basis of the work done by MEP Jens Nilsson (Sweden, Soc Dem) to fight the use of social dumping in the transport sector of the EU. In a vote with broad support from the big political groups in the EP the Committee supported the need for a more balanced approach to road transport policy. Legal loopholes and abuses of existing legislation in order to promote free movement and ensure fair competition. The Committee also called for steps to combat illegal activities, letterbox companies and unfair practices to ensure social protection and legal certainty for drivers and operators.


Social rules also for road transport

The Commission has March 8 taken a step towards an EU based more on equal social conditions in the internal market for the improvement of fair competition. This is a step in the direction of the stated objective of same pay for same work in the same place, as declared by the Commission in its work programme.

“NLA welcomes that the Commission clarifies the situation for road transport and the posting of workers directive” comments NLA CEO Søren Larsen. “It is made clear that posting of workers does apply also to road transport in the EU. Some have tried to ignore this fact and we welcome the fact that the Commission is confirming, that rules for the social and working conditions for drivers and haulers  outside their home country do exist. However, it is also clear that a direct application of these rules to road transport will be very complicated. It is therefore welcomed that the Commission will continue this discussion within the framework of the coming road transport initiative expected later this year/early 2017. This will give the road transport industry the possibility to improve the set-up for social conditions for road transport in the EU internal market”


The track is being prepared – the shoe-laces are being tied – the climate fight in transport!

If you believe in beginnings, February 16th may have been the real start of what promises to be a dramatic struggle regarding transport and climate policy in the EU the coming 6-12 months. At the annual conference of ACEA – the truck and car manufacturer association for Europe – the message was quite clear: as OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) we can only deliver so much in CO2 reduction – the rest will have to come from policy makers, local authorities, the road transport industry, transport buyers and others.


Retrofitting of contour markings for lorries? Not likely!

At a meeting on January 12, 2016 in Bruxelles the spotlight was put on the lorries in the EU that today do not have contour markings. The question was if it makes sense to introduce an obligation today to add contour markings on all lorries on the EU roads, in other words retrofitting for already registered lorries. The answer was broadly a no!

NLA expressed at the meeting concern. “Our members are already doing a lot for road safety and spending many ressources on it. But the priorities are different in different countries. To ask our members to invest millions in reflective markings – because of a decision in the EU – should only be done if the evidence is crystal clear. What the study showed us was not crystal clear. It was a study based on old data, not taking into account the improved safety of trucks that has taken place recent years and thus the conclusion tends to turn in the wrong direction,” stated NLAs CEO Søren H Larsen at the meeting.


Nordic and Polish truckers together in putting pressure on the EU

A meeting between Nordic Logistics Association (NLA) and the Polish haulage organization ZMPD on October 26-27, 2015 showed large areas of agreements and shared interests between Nordic and Polish trucker.

The two organizations met in Warsaw to exchange views and experiences on a number of issues such as cabotage, third country transport, combined transport, vans, posting Directive and national minimum wages.


Social Dimension in Road Transport in European Parliament

The European Transport Workers Federation (ETF) had organised a meeting on the social dimension in the road transport sector on Tuesday October 12, 2015 in the European Parliament.  Members of the Transport Committee  in the European Parliament and other stakeholders, including NLA, participated to discuss in particular ETF’s ideas on better enforcement. Nordic Logistics Association share many of ETFs opinions according to social dimension in the road transport sector and fully support a concept for better enforcement.